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Mark I trench knife for use in hand-to-hand fighting. The Mark I was relatively expensive and time-consuming to manufacture, and reports from the field indicated that the knife’s large ‘brass-knuckle’ fingerguard handle made it difficult to secure in conventional scabbards while limiting the range of useful fighting grip positions. Shuey, a Marine Corps engineering officer. Shuey’s pattern was essentially a copy of the Fairbairn—Sykes fighting knife with altered material specifications designed to reduce dependence on critical strategic metals. Marines, ordnance and quartermaster officials requested submissions from several military knife and tool suppliers to develop a suitable fighting and utility knife for individual Marines, using the U. Davis and Major Howard E. America contributed several important changes, including a longer, stronger blade, the introduction of a small fuller to lighten the blade, a peened pommel later replaced by a pinned pommel , a straight later, slightly curved steel crossguard, and a stacked leather handle for better grip. In naval service, the knife was used as a diving and utility knife from late onward, though the stacked leather handle tended to rot and disintegrate rapidly in saltwater. Two USMC officers using, in accord with service tradition, a Ka-Bar knife to lift a serving of cake they have just cut, in a Marine Corps birthday ceremony on a flight line in Pakistan. The Marine Corps issued Ka-Bar fighting utility knife throughout Marine forces, with early deliveries going primarily to elite formations.

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George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers This heading, without the inclusion of the date, indicates that, in our opinion, the piece, while basically of the period,has undergone significant restoration and alteration.

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Utica Mk II Comnbat knife, US Marked, 1960 – 1962 era

Originally Posted by Cooter Brown Pocketknives in general are collected with great passion, and some brands and models are worth BIG bucks. Some the Ulsters are quite collectible, especially their version of the Boy Scout knife. Yours is a nice knife in my favorite pattern, the stockman I’m not a collector, more of an accumulator like I am with Smith revolvers but if you want to learn more about your knife go to the forum “All About Pocket Knives”.

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What age can you buy a pocket knife in Maryland? You can legally buy one at any age, as there is no law about this. However, stores have the right to refuse to sell to minors under 18 if they so choose, because there is a liability. If the minor hurts themselves or someone else, the store can be sued for providing the knife to them. Whereas if t…he person buying was 18 and over and hurt themselves, a lawsuit is far less likely to occur or be heard by a court, as a adult is expected to know what they are doing and be responsible for their own negligence.

The following is according to the Arizona State Legislature website refer to the link, below:. A person commits misconduct involving weapons by knowingly: Carrying a deadly weapon wit…hout a permit pursuant to section except a pocket knife concealed on his person This means that anyone can carry a pocket knife or similar e.

However, it should be noted that, across the nation, most public facilities, banks, sports arenas, restaurants, school grounds, etc, prohibit any kind of weapon to be in one’s possession, either expressly i.

In Praise of Older Pocket Knives – 4 Vintage Knives to Know and Love

This pattern has black synthetic handle scales and no number stamped on the reverse of the spear blade. Camillus made a civilian version of this pattern with the number 27 stamped on the reverse side of the spear blade. I am not knowledgeable enough to set dates on any of the variations.

Questions or evaluations about a vintage or antique knife, sword or related book? Read more about how to determine the date of a Case knife By learning the simple Case dating system, you can easily determine the year a Case knife was manufactured. Want to sell us your knife?.

However, no documentation exists to support this theory. Research by noted U. Bayonet expert, Gary Cunningham, has demonstrated that they are a commercial product, made during the early ‘s, when the Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship DCM was selling off surplus M1 Carbines. The leather grip can be found with either five or six grooves. The length of the blade’s false edge varies. The blade and other metal parts are blued.

The “Kiffe Japan” marking can be found on the ricasso or crosspiece. This example is of poor construction compared to U.


Jeremy Anderberg January 21, Last updated: With that criteria, it was easy to settle on pocket knives every man needs them! So how do you go about restoring the knife to its former glory? With some digging on internet forums, as well as talking with a couple antique dealers, I was able to nail down a solid method for cleaning antique pocket knives and ensuring their fine fettle and usability for years to come. The bottom one had rusted blades, but the handle was in fantastic condition.

It did also need some work on the blade hinges, as both blades were grinding quite a bit when opening and closing them.

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Another suggested origin of the term “balisong” is its place of origin. There is a small town in Batangas called “Balisong” where the balisong is claimed to have been invented. Balisongs are handmade and forged there by makers using techniques passed down from generation to generation. They have also been used to fight duels over matters of honor , although such practices have been discontinued for hundreds of years.

History Balisong with carbon steel blade and brass channel handles The butterfly knife appears first documented in a French book, “Le Perret”, where an intricate and precise depiction of a butterfly knife is outlaid, explaining that the device was developed in the late s as a utility knife. There is conjecture attending to the balisong being an ancient Filipino invention dating back to AD, stating it to be the most ancient of weapons of the Filipino fighting system of Eskrima [4].

Troops island hopping in the Pacific, returned home with balisong knives. Vintage balisong knives have hand-ground, non-symmetrical carbon steel blades. The sharp edge is formed right to the handle, leaving a small tang area, and are not usually marked by the maker with a modern western tang stamp. Collectors viewing antique carbon steel blade knives debate the exact details defining a traditional heirloom knives of the s, with post war knives made with shell brass.

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Oct 24,  · BUCK’S DATE CODE CHARTThe symbols stamped onto your blade indicate which year your knife was made. Please refer to this chart to find out the age of your knife & MODELSOne dot on each side of model numberOne dot on left side, two dots on right sideTwo dots on each side*The anvil was used instead of model numbers (on all .

The latest edition of the most complete guide to knife and cutlery markings available – the knife collector’s “bible. Since the first Encyclopedia became required reading for all cutlery collectors 12 years ago, John and Charlotte Goins have been deluged with ever more questions, queries, and bits of information on old firms and markings.

Increasingly, collectors have wondered if and when there might be an update to that knife collector’s “bible. For those of you unfamiliar with the “Goins Book,” Goins’ Encyclopedia contains summaries of the known history behind practically every marking found on antique cutlery. There are literally thousands of cutlery manufacturers, importers, dealers, hardware firms, barber supply companies, and the like included in its scope.

When it comes to historial information on the brands of old knives, razors, or anything else that goes ‘cut,’ Goins’ Encyclopedia is far and away the best single resource.

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The yatagan was extensively used in Ottoman Turkey and in areas under immediate Ottoman influence, such as the Balkans and the Caucasus. Description[ edit ] Yatagans consist of a single-edged blade with a marked forward curve and a hilt formed of two grip plaques attached through the tang , the end of the hilt being shaped like large ears.

The gap between the grips is covered by a metal strap, which is often decorated. This blade form is often referred to as being ‘recurved. The grip plaques are typically made from bone, ivory, horn or silver, and spread out in two ‘wings’ or ‘ears’ to either side at the pommel a feature which prevents the hilt slipping out of the hand when used to cut.

Regional variations in the hilts have been noted:

mark 2 navy fighting knife by camillus with scabbard Overall the drawn knife meas. approx. inches long. The blade meas. approx. inches long with a inch long rectangular central fuller and a clipped style point.

It was felt that a metal working industry would create employment. Dating these knives can be a challenge as manufacturing companies came and went. Valuable dating information came from an article on the History of Girl. Picked up this cool old knife at a sale. I dont know much about traditional folders but thought i would share it with you all. Other than a SAK this. My Grandfather gave me this knife in the middls 60’s when I was in the Boy Scouts, and now with your help I would like to identify it if possible!

Help with Dating a Opinel: Say “Hi Miss Opinel, my name is Jack, and I was just wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me”. M3s, not called M3s after the war and I believe Kutmaster did as well. Dating Info with Tang Stamps and Trees thehawkco. Shepherd Hills Collectors Club.

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