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Saturday 9 May But that era appears to be coming to an end. Local authorities across Britain are finally getting waiting lists under control by cutting the size of their plots in half, thereby allowing twice as many gardeners to share the same space, according to the National Allotment Society NAS. Local authorities have also been cleaning up their lists by preventing people from applying for multiple plots in the same area, and deleting applications which are no longer valid — some of which may have been put in by people who have since moved away from the area or died.

The result, according to Karen Kenny, president of the NAS, is that waiting lists are falling, despite continuing demand for plots in urban areas, especially from young couples and families interested in growing their own food. The move has attracted more young people to apply for their own allotment, she added, as they find a half-size plot measuring square metres far more manageable than the standard square-metre version.

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Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! Fiacre Fiachra is not mentioned in the earlier Irish calendars, but it is said that he was born in Ireland and that he sailed over into France in quest of closer solitude, in which he might devote himself to God, unknown to the world. He arrived at Meaux, where Saint Faro, who was the bishop of that city, gave him a solitary dwelling in a forest which was his own patrimony, called Breuil, in the province of Brie.

There is a legend that St. Faro offered him as much land as he could turn up in a day, and that St. Fiacre, instead of driving his furrow with a plough, turned the top of the soil with the point of his staff. The anchorite cleared the ground of trees and briers, made himself a cell with a garden, built an oratory in honor of the Blessed Virgin, and made a hospice for travelers which developed into the village of Saint-Fiacre in Seine-et-Marne.

Many resorted to him for advice, and the poor, for relief. His charity moved him to attend cheerfully those that came to consult him; and in his hospice he entertained all comers, serving them with his own hands, and sometimes miraculously restored to health those that were sick. He never allowed any woman to enter the enclosure of his hermitage, and Saint Fiacre extended the prohibition even to his chapel; several rather ill-natured legends profess to account for it.

Others tell us that those who attempted to transgress, were punished by visible judgements, and that, for example, in a lady of Paris, who claimed to be above this rule, going into the oratory, became distracted upon the spot and never recovered her senses; whereas Anne of Austria, Queen of France, was content to offer up her prayers outside the door, amongst the other pilgrims.

Local authorities cutting size of allotments in half to allow more gardeners to share same space

Gardeners urged to stop using peat-based compost Extraction releases huge amounts of CO2 into atmosphere Tuesday 9 March Ministers hope that Diarmuid Gavin will help them convince gardeners to stop using peat, which is present in almost half of all compost sold by garden centres. Yesterday the Environment Secretary Hilary Benn announced a new target to phase out the use of peat compost in amateur gardens by but shied away from imposing a ban, provoking criticism from members of wildlife groups who said that ministers should have taken stronger action years ago.

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Aussie nude cleaning service that was accused of sexism hits back at critics. Gardening Aussie gardeners hit back at sexism claims by Nelson Groom 0 A controversial Australian nude cleaning service that was accused of sexism has hit back at critics with a cheeky new housewife-targeted gardening service – featuring naked men. Queensland company Bare All Cleaners had found itself locked in a dirty dispute with Gold Coast council after putting its scantily clad cleaners to work earlier this year.

Now, the company has launched Bare All Gardeners, a male backyard service aimed at housewives and the gay community. And these cheeky photos give a glimpse of just what can be expected, showing a hunky gardener pruning, mowing and tending to a private yard wearing nothing more than an true blue Aussie Akubra hat and a smile. Brett said the company must observe a degree of caution when it comes to the privacy of properties they accept for bookings, but he believes they are acting within the law.

In Queensland, indecent exposure is defined as someone exposing his or her genitalia in a public place without reasonable excuse. Naked gardener Leeroy Evan, 42, said the job was a natural fit since it married his two passions: And he has enjoyed tripling his previous landscaping income by doing the same job completely in the buff.

If you open your Instagram account it’s filled with misogyny but you don’t hear about that.

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We sell or exchange plants. Read about our exchange Testimonials “If you want someone fun, creative, encouraging, sensitive and willing to help you find your love for plants I love plants and gardening and my pocketbook and knowledge does not always match my passion for such! She has been able to help me with my inquiries, and believe me some of which have been odd!

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Gardeners’ World revamp: still boring and irrelevant (for young people, at least)

Tales of Gardening Greatness After the top-down emphasis in the management style of Parks Commissioner Robert Moses , the s heralded a new era of community input and outreach by the Parks Department, especially during the administration of Thomas Hoving. Hoving’s inclusive style and the vestpocket park campaign that sought to quickly transform vacant lots into usable open space often soliciting help and advice from local residents helped change the tone of park administration during this era.

This shift coupled with the severe fiscal crisis of the early s paved the way for the Community Garden movement of the s, which began in earnest on the Lower East Side with the Green Guerillas.

Shared Earth is a project of Sustainable America, a (c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to make America’s food and fuel systems more efficient and resilient. Sustainable America supports initiatives like Shared Earth that encourage local food production, increased access to healthy food and reduced energy use.

Already have an account? Log in or Retrieve Password Scroll down to learn more. How it works Help us make better use of the planet, one plot at a time. Land is everywhere There are over 40 million acres of unproductive land in residential backyards and commercial properties and over 19 million abandoned properties across the U.

Discover available plots of land and gardeners or farmers and start growing food together. Find your match Shared Earth connects people who have land, with people who want to garden or farm. Search listings and message with nearby gardeners or landowners to get started on your next garden! Enjoy the fruits of your labor Not only will you enjoy fresh, local food— you will make a difference in our food system, create communities and raise awareness around local food and health.

Robot mowers: meet the new generation of unpaid gardeners

The latest tragic death in this year’s hunting season took place in the village of Taussac in the north of the Aveyron department in southern France. A year-old woman was enjoying the sun in her garden on Sunday afternoon when a bullet, fired by a hunter flew through her hedge and killed her. The exact circumstances around the incident are not clear but it appears the hunter, who was taking part in a deer hunt, had fired into the hedge after it had attracted the attention of two hunting dogs.

According to reports the year-old told police he had no idea there was a woman in her garden on the other side of the thick hedge.

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